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STAR Puppy Program

We partner The American Kennel Club's STAR Puppy Program with our extensive puppy raising experience and our service dog training programs. Combined with our expert instruction, these classes are the secret to raising the best dog ever!

Our Good Puppy program is designed to help you transition your pups behavior through multiple developmental stages and is based in the science of how dogs learn. Our classes are taught in a well equipped, indoor airconditioned facility, designed with your comfort in mind.

With a series of available Puppy Classes - there is every reason to select our Puppy School above all others. Truth is - you can only get this level of expereince with our team!

We also offer a flexible schedule designed to accommodate the hectic life-stlye of many puppy parents.

Below is a list of our Comprehensive Puppy Academy Classes:

STAR Puppy Academy (For pups 10 weeks - 5 months)

Graduate Puppy (For pups 5 months - 7 months)

Master Puppy (For pups 7 months & up)

Einstein Puppy (For pups 9 months & Up)

Graduate, Master & Einstein Puppy classes require a prerequiste puppy class and we welcome puppies who may have taken earlier classes at alternative locations.

Call 239.775.1660 for a current schedule.
STAR Puppy Brochure
Click here to download and print our STAR Puppy brochure.

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